Traveling as we all know could be very expensive. But with a few tricks you can cut down on cost. I hope my tips help you spend less on traveling and I hope it also encourages more people to travel since the cost of traveling discourages many people from traveling.

I’ll be writing based on my experience from traveling within Europe but I’m sure this pretty much applies to most places in the world.



Plan months before your trip if you can, you can get cheaper flights and sometimes accommodation.



Buses and trains are often cheaper, but for very long distances one might need to fly. I noticed that Ryanair, Wizzair, Easyjet almost always have cheap flights starting from 9 Euros, especially when you book long before your trip. One interesting fact is that sometimes the flights available determines where I go, who doesn’t love cheap stuff? lol



Couchsurfing  is FREE. You get to stay with locals and get a good feel of the place.

Disclaimer : I have never used couchsurfing, I’ll advice you choose verified hosts and go through their reviews. I’ve heard a few not-so-good stories but also many good stories. Stay safe.

Airbnb  Here you can find shared rooms, shared apartments and whole apartments at good prices. I have used this once and I was very impressed with the service.

You will have to pay during the booking process, good thing is you can split the bill and send the link to the other people you’re travelling with so they can pay their part.

Hostels : are also a great option. You can find hostels on by setting your filter to hostels only or on or by searching hostels in Milan if for example you are traveling to Milan.

Try to keep your trip short so you can save on accommodation.



Don’t spend all your money eating out 3 times a day. You can save some money by making 2 of your meals in your accommodation and eating one meal outside.

I usually make my breakfast and lunch/dinner and eat dinner/lunch out.

Also try to find out where the locals eat and what they eat, it’s usually cheaper than overpriced tourist restaurants and food.



Always search for free tourist attractions and free tour guides on google. Most cities have this.

If you’re a student in the EU also go with your student card as you can get discounts in some paid attractions.

Have you seen my old post on things to do in Szeged?
Bimzy feeding a Marmot in Saas fee, Switzerland

I hope these tips were helpful. How do you save on traveling? I would love to hear from you, please do leave a comment 🙂

I wish you all a beautiful week ahead.



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