The bad side of travelling you rarely hear about

Hey guys,I visited Milan (Italy) recently. It is a beautiful city and I had an amazing time but my trip will be incomplete without this post.

Milan is filled with a lot of immigrants, mostly people from African countries. Right from the train station on my way to my accommodation I noticed a lot of them. Is that a problem? No definitely. The problem is that most of them are there for shady business a.k.a to pickpocket and do other illegal things. Even with the bulk of police officers around and in the train stations and crowded areas, it is still not enough.

On many days, we were harassed by these my African ‘brothers’ They walk around pretending to sell stuff like hand bands, selfie sticks of zero quality. I wonder if people really use their money to buy such stuff. They don’t just sell these stuff, they force it on you, touch you and manhandle and say all sort of rubbish to you. My travel partner didn’t find this funny. My travel partner brought up the issue of me getting a pepper spray and in my head I laughed about it, thinking ‘oh it can’t be that deep’

If only I knew. The next day I was walking from the train station to my accommodation when one of my African ‘brothers’ harassed me. Then I went home and the idea of pepper spray made total sense to me. I went online to check the price. I’m going to become a pepper spray owner soon, you should too.

This post might not be enough to express how I feel, but the point i’m trying to pass is that harassment is real, read about the country and city you are going to and always equip yourself for self-defense e.g. with a pepper spray, pocket knife (if it is allowed) e.t.c

Africans have quite a bad reputation there because many people judge you based on their experience with the thieves and harassers I described above and I don’t even blame them.

When I picked Italy, I knew they had immigration issues but I didn’t know the extent but now I know and you also know 🙂 Maybe all cities in Italy aren’t like this anyways, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve only been to Milan.

Stay safe out there.

Have a great weekend


4 thoughts on “The bad side of travelling you rarely hear about

  1. I wonder when Africans will wake up and build a good reputation for themselves. God bless you for this post.
    PS: Abeg, pepper spray or any defensive item can be used not knives plssss……


  2. Wow. So sad that you had to go through all of that, it’s hard enough for us to be judged based on our color, but sometimes we don’t even help our situation. Our African brothers need to do better tbh.
    On a lighter note, hope to see pictures from your trip!

    Ash |


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