Yesterday was so special, I have to keep a record on my blog.

The hospital was understaffed yesterday so I had to take on a serious role, more than I would usually take as a med student.

Taking history, writing out the prescriptions, requesting for lab investigations and examining all under the supervision of a consultant. I loved every second of it.

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t regret going to med school. Yesterday I was happy, I felt fulfilled (lol!), I was glad I was a med student. Everyday of med school has been filled with strong regrets, mild regrets,indifference and sometimes  numbness. Yesterday was special, no regrets, just joy and fulfillment. Helping vulnerable people, seeing immediate effects, seeing them smile, seeing them grateful is fulfilling, that’s my contribution to humanity.

I still got stopped by 2 patients this morning. They still thanked me for yesterday. I hope they all get better soon. I hope I keep enjoying this medicine thing, and if I don’t I hope I find my own path.

For those who have found their path, congratulations. For those still searching, may you find light.

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