Things to do in Szeged


Visiting Szeged for the first time? Living in Szeged but haven’t explored yet? Or spending the summer in Szeged? Don’t worry I got you.Below are few interesting things to do.


  • Szeged zoo (Szegedi Vadaspark)  You can find it on Cserepes sor 47, 6725. You can take the tram 3 or 3F in the vadaspark direction and get off at the vadaspark stop. It’s a few minutes walk from there on the other side of the road. Animals are organised according to continents in which they are found. There are shops you can get food, drinks and relax. You will need at least 1 hour 30 minutes to go around. It’s usually opened Sunday – Friday, 9am until 6pm. Student ticket costs 1,450 Huf and 1,980 Huf for adults. for other prices visit http://www.zooszeged.hudownload


  • Szeged pick salami and paprika museum (Pick Szalámi és Szegedi Paprika Múzeum)  I found this boring as it has to do with history of salami and paprika production and some art works on it, but some other people might find it really interesting. You can find it on  Felső Tisza-Part 10, 6721. It’s closed on Sundays and Mondays and opened 3pm to 6pm on Tuesday – Saturday. You can get there with bus 9 or bus 19 in the direction of  Lugas utca and Tarján, Víztorony tér respectively. You should get off at the Háló utca stop. A student ticket costs 740 Huf and normal one costs 980 Huf. A free paprika and salami sample is included in the price. For other prices visit http://www.pickmuzeum.hubuilding


  • 5D cinema  You can find it in ÁRKÁD . Information, bus information, contact and opening times can be found on 1 ticket costs about 1,200 Huf if I remember well. A movie lasts about 10 minutes. I would recommend horror movies.152_1


  • Aquapolis (Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged) This is a must see water park, swimming pools, sauna, massages, name it. It’s clearly my favorite. I’m a water lover. You can find it on 6726 Szeged, Torontál tér 1. For more information visit


  • Escape game  Get locked in a room and try to find your way out, see how smart you are 😀 Two people can play this but even better if there are more than 2 people. It was about 8,000 Huf for 2 people. You should reserve a space by calling +36 (30) 8284137 or online at before you go.You can find more information here


  • A2 restaurant my favorite restaurant at the moment. They have amazing food, polite staff, comfy restaurant at a good price. It’s located on


Szeged, Dáni u. 4, 6722, for more information check out

Thanks for reading

All photos do not belong to me. All photos were taken from google.

Written by Olure Bimbola

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