To all ye purity marchers… 

I’m genuinely tired of hearing sermons on why I should keep my “purity” and not have sex until marriage, it’s disgusting and so hypocritical. You know why? It’s not because it’s a bad advice, it’s just that this advice is given almost always to girls only. Why? Are boys exempted from being “pure?” Is purity only for girls?

This advice mostly comes from patriarchal (my new favorite word) minds who think that a woman’s worth lies in her virginity. That a woman should be pure for her husband but the husband can do whatever he wants. That virginity is the best gift you can give your husband. That explains why this advice is never given to boys. A woman is worth more than virginity, there is more to life than that.

Many of the problems happening in marriages and relationships stem from things like this. Women get all the teachings, what to do and what not to do, and men are free to do whatever.

I have a new rule, if you’re going to give me any advice that you can’t give to a male in the same situation as I am then keep your advice, except ofcourse the advice involves female organ care because that’s the only thing I have which a guy doesn’t.

Use your brain, why is the purity ceremony held by Christians only for girls?? Have you ever asked why? Lol!

To all ye purity marchers and campaigners, stop focusing on girls! It’s hypocritical. Wake up! Purity is not meant for girls alone.

*Drops mic*

Ps: my text is not to encourage or discourage people from having sex. Neither does it mean that virginity = purity. “Tanks”

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Olure Bimbola Victoria

2 thoughts on “To all ye purity marchers… 

  1. It’s a really messed up teaching – I think the worst one is ‘damaged goods’; i.e. if girls have sex before marriage they’re like gum that somebody else chewed, a skittle that somebody else put in their mouth and spit out, a doughnut that’s been who knows where and looks shabby, because it destroys any sense of self-worth and replaces it with lots of guilt and shame.
    No guy ever hears that! “Any guy who doesn’t save himself for marriage is like gum that somebody else chewed!” No, what makes guys “men” is having lost their virginity. So what is needed is new rites of passage that don’t center on sexuality. New celebrates of adulthood that mark achievement, education, skill, and age even.

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