The Importance Of Sharing Your Journey

When we are going through difficulties in life we tend to think these difficulties are peculiar to us. We think no one would understand our struggles but most times it’s not true. Many people have gone through same difficulties as us and many people will still go through it, this is life.

Imagine going through a very though time, being confused, tired, depressed and all sort of feelings yea, and then you find someone who went through the same thing, not only that, the person goes further by sharing how it was for them and how they handled the situation. It is an amazing feeling to be honest, i cannot find words to explain. It’s relieving, it makes you feel like you have close support, you get courage to face your problems knowing you are not alone.

Well this has been my story for some months now, I went through loads of shit in April and from the internet I found out i was not alone and I got a lot of information on how to handle it.

Yesterday I got a diagnosis for a health issue I have had for 2 years now. I will write about it in some months when I have enough information to help others. At first I was excited because I finally knew what my problem was but when I got home I became sad, I asked the usual rhetorical question I ask whenever I am ill “am I the only one on this earth”

Then I got busy, thanks to google. After a few hours I found out I was not alone. Far more people than I expected have this condition and they also shared tips on how they handle it. Thanks to the internet, you are indeed a blessing to this world.

Sharing your journey is important because you never know who it would help, inspire, give hope or even save. By all means share your journey ( that’s if you don’t mind)

It’s not you looking for pity, it’s not you seeking attention. It’s you touching the lives of many by just sharing your story.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Olure Bimbola Victoria

2 thoughts on “The Importance Of Sharing Your Journey

  1. Exactly… I’d always think I was the only one with problems in this world…I heard a situation similar to mine yesterday, except it was much worse.
    I’ve just learnt to live as it comes. And pray, for the strength to handle my problems…
    Well-done on this


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