Why is it cool to roast short guys for their height and it’s not cool to tell fat girls that they are fat?

“If I say I don’t want a fat girl, people go bash me, but girls say they can’t take a short guy everyday and we drink water and keep quiet”

I got this question and the sentence above few minutes ago I laughed so hard. It’s really funny, but think of it properly, this is so true. It’s acceptable to call a guy short but not a girl fat.

I’m not about about to start a gender war but this is what it is.

I think this is so because of patriarchy. Hahaha I just went from 0 – 100 real quick. How did I get to patriarchy? I will explain.

Patriarchy has conditioned us to think all women are sensitive, all men are strong, that men can withstand anything and also that its normal for women to express their emotions and it’s a taboo for men to. That’s why you see people shaming a man for crying, a man crying is associated with lack of strength which every man is supposedly meant to possess.

I think this is why it’s okay to call men short or make fun of them. We don’t think this hurts them, we expect them to see it as nothing.

Remember this is not a gender war, I do not want to give that impression.

Treat a girl how you would treat a boy. Boys have emotions, shocked? yes they really do have emotions. They feel bad too, they get insecure, they get sad.

We all have preferences when it comes to who we want to date, that is good. But if someone isn’t your type it’s necessary to say this in a polite way, name-calling is not one of those ways.

Let’s use our tongues to do only beautiful things (winks)

Bimzy is out.

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