Lessons this week

This week has been one hell of a week, very quiet on the outside but so many storms on the inside  I’m so glad it’s Friday

I’ll put down a few things I reflected on this week and some decisions I made. I hope you learn one or two things.

1) Do not lend out any money you can’t let go of to anyone. Never!! If you must, make a signed contract on the agreed dates of payments and other important things. Human beings are unreliable. When money is involved, many people change

2) In all my years of listening to my friends and giving them advice. I’ve never really asked “what do you want” it’s unfair to give people rules and tell them what to do based on where we are in life. Where we are might not be where they are, our experiences might not be theirs. Be sensitive!

3) No problem you’re going through is new. This might sound cliche but it’s true. Don’t keep it all in, search for help, online, talk to someone you trust. You’ll be surprised at the amount of help you might get.

4) Death will forever remain strange to me. Every time I hear of the death of someone I know, it’s always like it’s the first death I’m experiencing. Where do people go after death? What happens after death? The thought scares me? Am I alone?

I wish you all a pleasant weekend. Stay strong in this journey of life. xx

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