Afro-textured hair is beautiful

I just read a blog post titled “yes, my hair is nappy, and?” This post literally expressed the feelings about Afro hair I have which I didn’t know how to put down.

For some time I’ve been going around with my natural hair(Afro hair) Throw in my hair band and and I’m out. This was not really intentional, I was kind of forced. My scalp has not been handling weaves and attachments so well for some years now so my natural hair is my most comfortable state. I’ve fallen in love with my natural hair so much that negative words or stares do not move me an inch. I used to be so bothered before, I won’t even deny this. Who wouldn’t be? Getting comments like “when will you make your hair” “you and this your hair” “what happened to your hair” and many others I can’t remember right now.

The stigma associated with natural Afro hair needs to be gotten rid of. I keep saying natural because when it’s relaxed (chemicals added to straighten it) then people usually see it as “well kept”

For heaven’s sake, this is my hair, why should I be ashamed to walk about with it? Why must my hair be straight? Why must my hair fit into the category of kept and normal hair? Who said my hair is abnormal? 

I was in a relationship with someone who always hammered how unkempt and unpresentable my natural hair looked and this affected my esteem. I won’t tolerate this ever again, if you can’t respect my hair and how I choose to wear it then I shouldn’t have anything to do with you!

I will wear my hair however I want, I am so proud of my hair, I love my hair. If it makes you uncomfortable or if you think it is unpresentable or looks unkempt, then you need to check yourself and work on your mentality!

Afro hair is beautiful!

I will wear my hair when I want to, wear weaves when I want to, wear braids when I want to. My hair,my choice. Mind yo damn business

Beauty is diverse, we don’t have one standard for beauty, if you have a problem with Afro hair, reorientate and educate yourself.

Afro-textured hair is beautiful!


Bimbola Olure

4 thoughts on “Afro-textured hair is beautiful 

  1. Yes, Yes.. Yes to everything in this post!
    So happy you freed yourself of such toxicity, you are beautiful & this goes without saying but so is your hair!
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL. When are you making your hair? i can relate to that one, (although i’m relaxed)….most of the relaxed haired don’t like leaving out the “well kept” hair either, I always think to myself like, since when did carrying your hair without weaves become abnormal or strange that people are looking forward to your next hairstyle. low-key i like the feel of my thick roots 🙂 I think nappy hair is beautiful too.


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