What should I do with my time?

Help others? Study? Work?

It’s your time and you can choose to do what you want with it, but no matter what you choose, never forget the ‘me time’

Me time – the time you set aside for yourself and you alone!



Reasons why you need the ‘me time’

  1. We are humans and not machines (even machines rest). Even God rested!
  2. Resting allows us to get refreshed and be able to focus on important things.
  3. Most decisions made under stressful conditions are terrible decisions.
  4. Having a ‘me time’ doesn’t make us selfish. We can only serve others well when we are in a good state.
  5. Rest is good for our health (physically, mentally)


Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling tired? Are you fed up with whatever you are doing? Take a break, go somewhere, get some ‘me time’. Do whatever makes you relaxed, go sightseeing, get a massage, sleep for long hours, get away from your usual routine. Try this and by the time you get back to your routine you’ll feel better and function better. Try this and thank me later *winks*

Thank you for reading.



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