Dear today, please be good to me…

Some days I wake up on the wrong side of my bed, and I just feel like staying in bed all day. arrgh!! I hate days like that. I’m sure you must have experienced this once or more 🙂

Today was one of those days 😦 . It took me two hours to convince myself to get out of bed. I kept telling myself ‘Bimbo, no matter how you feel today, you must get up, dress up and do what you have to do’

I finally got up, dressed up, oh no, partially dressed up I’ll say because my hair was a total mess, dealing with natural hair was the least of my concerns this morning lol. I put my head warmer on, and said to myself ‘today is not a good day’  and then I left my apartment.

I walked to the bus stop like a programmed robot, dragging my feet and wearing a very ugly face. I got on the bus, got to my destination, I tried to get off the bus from the front door but the driver didn’t open the door. I stood there confused wondering what the problem was until I noticed the driver screaming at the top of her voice in Hungarian, lol the last thing I wanted to do was stress my brain to understand what she was saying, I quietly moved to the next door and that was when she opened the doors of the bus (ps: there’s a written rule that says you should get off the bus through other doors except the first, but the rule is hardly obeyed, as most drivers don’t care if you get off the bus from the front door). I kept wondering why she didn’t just tell me to use the next door, why she had to scream at the top of her voice. I felt embarrassed. I told myself ‘Bimbo, next time you’ll obey the rules’

I would like to share ways that have helped me deal with days like today and even worse days.

  1. Be positive – speak positively to your day. I spoke negativity into my day by saying the day was going to be a bad day.
  2. It’s not about you – sometimes I would think oh it’s my fault or I did something wrong. Try not to think of it this way.
  3. Almost everyone you see is fighting his/her own battle. Remember you’re not the only one with problems so try to tolerate people.
  4. Try to cool off, do something you like. Go swimming, go grab a drink, do whatever would make you relax.
  5. Most importantly, do not forget to put on a smile.

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Thank  you for reading

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